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What Is The Purpose Of SEO?

What Is The Purpose Of SEO?

Today lets learn about what is the purpose of SEO, hope you have got your website designed. If not please get it done through some good website designers

Lets first index.
  1. Intro About SEO.
  2. Importance.
  3. How It's Done?
I am keeping it simple and sweet we do not need to go in deep, k guys.

#1.Intro About SEO.

If you have got a website now you may be looking for the way of marketing it through online. SEO is one of the ways of marketing your web pages. 
It's not only the way of marketing but its best way of marketing. 
Search Engine Optimization name itself tells you its marketing strategy used to improve your page rank in Search Engine.

Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing will be used by customers to search for products. SEO is the process of showing your website in the search result.

This is as simple as it is if you have understood my Intro lets go to our next topic.

#2. Importance

What is the use of website design if its sitting ideal in hosting space? It should marketed to earn benefit right the way of marketing is SEO.
  1. Targeting Potential Customer, by selecting a keyword and which search volume is more. once selected keyword start working on the ranking the web page.
  2. Branding Your Company is the next thing which SEO helps you in. Brand Building achieved through constant content writing and building customer relationships.
  3. Get More Traffic to your website, yes search engine optimization help you in getting more and more traffic. If search traffic increases natural that income increases.
  4. Stops Paid Promotion, if you're doing paid promotion and looking for more realiable method for promotion then this is it. SEO takes lot of time to rank to the first page but over the time it reduces the amount of paid promotions. 

    #3. How SEO Done?

    There are some methods in doing SEO which makes your page get ranked.
    1. Good Content and own content and also keywords sprinkled content is main in a web page. Content is a reflection of your business so good content your business is good.
    2. Build Backlinks, yes SEO runs more on the backlink. Good domain authority backlink you should aim for.
    3. Blog Writing is another key aspect to work on to improve your Search Engine Page Ranking.
    4. Article Posting boosts your page ranking to more profitable scale.
    5. Press Release doing at least two in a month give you good ranking performance. 


      You need SEO experts doing your work because it's not just a simple task to do. Many research and strategy need to do to the top rank in Google Ads.

      It's also important that you need a lot of patience when you have invested in SEO. Because SEO takes a lot of time in reflecting your website to rank in search engine.


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