Saturday, September 19, 2020

Missing Out These Pages Is Not Good From Your Website Designers.


 Website Designers will be in harry to achieve their target in the month. Sometimes knowingly or unknowingly miss out a lot of pages which are essential for your website.

Website design is an art and in that beautiful Art if some pages missing out then the website becomes useless.

No matter how much good your home, about and service page will be if some of the most important miss-out.

Then it's a waste of all hard work in your website design.

So today I will help you in finding out what is important and why they are important.
So without wasting let's begin with our topic.

Contact US Page

I know everyone knows about it but still, some do not use contact us page.

Yes, some time to save money on one page if they are getting designed from website designers company.

For that kind of people who think can save one-page amount, please do not come to business.

It's not your field try somewhere else. Every user by default thinks if he has to contact you, he has to go to the contact page.

If he does not find it then he feeds a negative impression about your company in his brain.

Locate Page

A lot of people will confuse this to contact page, both contact and (locate page) or different.

The contact page has all written information like you display your address, phone and email.


The contact page has a form with which people can ask about information.
But in the (locate page) you will display your location in the map. This gives a client that you have a physical office too.


Locate page also help you to rank good in google local page SEO. You can get local clients with this (locate page).

Sitemap (sitemap.html / sitemap.xml)

A sitemap page is a very important page in website pages. This page helps the user to find which all pages, category and sub-menu are there on the website.  


Sitemap help user to navigate properly through all the contents which he is interested in. 


A sitemap is a road map of your website to the user to find his path or find what he is searching for.


Google will only crawl your website based on the sitemap.xml file. In user prospect, there should be sitemap.html.

Terms and Condition Page

Company always runs with rules just how constitution keeps the law and order proper same way. 


You should mention all the terms and conditions of your company so that your clients understand that before he visit you.


Some people will not add terms and condition page because if they put they think people will not come for service. So they tell all complication later time when billing which is very bad and you lose you business and company value. 


Showing Terms and Condition before will display your Genuity and principle in business. 


This also avoids all complications later with clients in some case it also saves you from legal cases.

Privacy & Policy

 Terms and conditions is about following of your rules but privacy policy is about following rules. 


With this page, you state that you follow all guidelines in marketing like you will not use client information for personal use. Or clients information will not be used for illegal activity. 


If your doing Facebook marketing or Google Paid marketing then you should first have this page.


404 Error Page.

People always click on the navigation tab for navigating to other pages.

But some people or some extraordinary people will type down contact page or other pages on the tab and go to another page. 


If any spelling mistakes or done by them will show up a blank 404 error message which is not good for a corporate website.


So 404 error page should be included which shows up and tell the user to navigate to other pages by clicking on the link in the page. 


At any instance, if error page pop's out which is not your mistake but of client but your client thinks some big issue is with the website. 

Include all this Pages.


Get your website fixed if you have not included all these things on your website. 


If getting your website designed then make sure you get all these things done. You can contact web designers in Bangalore Marquestech software solutions which is the best company to get your website developed.

Hope you like our this blog post about Website Design missing pages which should be included in website. 

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